The PC release of Skyrim possibly has the most dedicated modding community of all time. Pretty much anything you could think of has been created by a modder and is available to download from pop culture items like Lord of the Rings themed weapons and armour to entirely new quests and factions, hell there’s even a group of modders recreating Morrowind using the Skyrim engine.

In that sense Skyrim has completely transcended what the original game was and amongst the modding community you can find some absolute works of art. In this article published by GearBurn and written by Steven Norris, you can read why he believes Skyrim is possibly the best looking game of all time, and to prove it he’s brought fifty pictures of some of the stunning art modders have created. As someone who is yet to join the PC master race, I’m beginning to feel quite envious of all the Skyrim players who are playing it with a PC. You can read Steven’s article HERE.

Written by Thom Edwards