Kickstarter is launched for Cat Simulator

/ by Thom Edwards

After the huge success of Goat Simulator it’s really no surprise that a Kickstarter has been launched to fund a new animal themed game, Cat Simulator. The game is being developed by Game Team Studio and it will run on the Unity Engine. There is a Kickstarter for it as well as a Steam Greenlight campaign.

The game is described as a fun third person game where you play as a cat whilst you chase rodents, get stuck up trees, eat, sleep, poop, and do everything else our feline pets like to do.
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This Week In Digital: April 4, 2014

Rusty Real Deal Baseball
/ by Ryan Parreno

Nintendo eShop

Nintendo is on top of the deals this week, but in a different way than you might think. If you have Dr. Mario on the Wii U, you can get Dr. Luigi for $ 5 off. More importantly, they are launching Rusty’s Real Deal Baseball for the 3DS, where you can haggle your way into getting the games for cheap yourself! Of course, like every free-to-play game out there, you start out for free. - Continue reading

This Week In Digital: March 28, 2014

/ by Ryan Parreno

Daily Royale

Daily Royale is showing signs of action the end of this month with four games on offer this weekend. Get Tales of May’Eyal, Skyward Collapse, Influx, and Tidalis, with the most dirt cheap prices ranging from $ 0.99 to $ 2.38. - Continue reading

Trials franchise is coming to iOS this April

Trials Frontier by RedLynx (for smartphones and tablets) E3 screenshot (2)
/ by Thom Edwards

It has been announced by Ubisoft that the Trials franchise will, for the first time ever, be coming to mobile devices on April 10th. The game will be called Trials Frontier and will be a free to play title from RedLynx. The game will be on iOS on April 10th and on Androids shortly after.

Trials Frontier will be set in a futuristic wild west like environment that is set after the fall of the Trials Fusion universe where “civilization has sputtered out and humanity has fallen back into a pattern of small, isolated villages which players will unlock as they progress through the game.”
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Hotline Miami Confirmed For PlayStation 4

/ by Jonas Washington

Last week’s Game Developers Conference Dennaton Games Nigel Lowrie announced it will be bringing Hotline Miami to PS4. In speaking with Destructoid, Lowrie says that the title will be available with cross-buy, meaning that if you already own it on PS3 and Vita, you’ll automatically get it for PlayStation 4. “We’re just going to keep it cross-buy, because we feel that if the users bought it on a PlayStation platform, they have a right to own it on PlayStation 4,” Lowrie says. - Continue reading