New details on The Last of Us: Remastered

/ by Thom Edwards

After months of rumours, it has officially been announced that The Last of Us is headed to the PS4 in a “remastered” edition. We can’t wait to have an excuse to play through The Last of Us again but what exactly does remastered mean? How can you improve on such a great game? Well we’ve got some details.

The game will run at 1080p “with a list of upgrades including higher resolution character models, improved shadows and lighting, upgraded textures, along with even more improvements,”says Sony. The game will also feature a directors commentary for all the in game cinematics.
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5 things Ground Zeroes tells us about The Phantom Pain

/ by Thom Edwards

If like me you’re a huge Metal Gear Solid fan then you’ll no doubt have completed Ground Zeroes multiple times and now be eagerly awaiting any new info on the full game The Phantom Pain. Although Ground Zeroes seems to be a mere set up for The Phantom Pain, there are a few interesting details that give us some insight in what The Phantom Pain will be like. There’s also a huge plot twist regarding a certain NPC that most people seem to have missed.

In this article published by Taku Chat and written by generic-user-name, you can check out some details you may have missed and read about the awesome plot changer discovered by some fans. You can read it right HERE.

Sony will announce a mysterious new sandbox game tomorrow

Sony Logo
/ by Thom Edwards

Sony Online Entertainment has launched a new website that teases an unannounced project that is so far opnly known by its codename, H1Z1. The teaser website which you can visit HERE doesn’t give any details on the game but it certainly looks eerie.

President John Smedley revealed on Twitter that the game will be announced tomorrow with gameplay footage. He Tweeted: “Watch  tmw between 5-6pm PST if you are interested in the new game we haven’t announced. there is gameplay footage.”
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The Last of Us: Remastered coming to the PS4

/ by Thom Edwards

There has long been rumours that The last of Us would be headed for the PS4 but now it has finally been confirmed. A banner on the Sony Entertainment Network online store reveals that Naughty Dog are releasing The Last of Us: Remastered on the PlayStation 4.

It seems the announcement may be a little early since when you click the banner it takes you to a “Page not found” screen. Still, it will no doubt take us somewhere magical once the link is uploaded. The game will come with all the DLC that has been released so far including the recent Left Behind DLC which received great reviews.
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Borderland Pre-Sequel Is Coming

/ by Kyle Spencer

There have been many rumors going around about the possibility of another Borderland game, and when Gearbox Studio Head Randy Pitchford was asked, his response was pretty straight forward. “We are currently not working on Borderlands 3″. That is true, however what he didn’t mention, or comment on that another studio (2K Austrailia) was working on another Borderlands title. The Pre-Sequel will be sending four new vault hunters into space to battle low gravity, zero atmosphere, and raving, psychotic astronauts.

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