Early Access Is Unlikely To Come To PS4 & Xbox One

Dont Starve
/ by Thom Edwards

“Early Access” has become increasingly popular on the PC gaming market. For those who are unaware, early access is a feature used by game developers to sell the game before it is actually completed. Customers can pay a certain amount to gain access to the game before its official release and can experience it like a sort of beta. While early access has proved to be hugely successful for games like Minecraft, some less honorable developers have been known to take peoples money and then never finish the game properly. This has led to some people becoming critical of the feature and even claiming it may ruin gaming. Whether you love it or hate it, it seems unlikely it will come to consoles.

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Respawn: Titanfall Will Have No Microtransactions

/ by Ryan Parreno

Respawn Entertainment briefly addressed fan inquiries about their upcoming Microsoft exclusive shooter Titanfall. You may breath a sigh of relief, as they have confirmed the game will not have microtransactions. However, there may be a chance of additional content in terms of DLC, since they also ask fans to wait and see for news regarding a Season Pass.

“I Won’t Resign” Says Nintendo President

/ by Thom Edwards

Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata has stated he will not be resigning from his position despite taking responsibility for Nintendo’s poor financial performance.

Recently the Wii U sales forecast went from 9 to 2.8 million units. A pretty heavy loss even for a giant like Nintendo. Iwata apologized to shareholders for the under performance but insisted he planned to quickly reverse the company’s performance.

Despite the 3DS selling well in Japan, America and Europe, the Wii U is in a slow but steady decline. Nintendo were hoping that the release of Super Mario 3D world might help boost sales but the game failed to pick up meaningful sales in the West.

Source: CVG