The Walking Dead Season Two, Episode 2 Review (PC Version)

/ by Lexi Nave

Human beings at their worst are scarier than the zombies of the apocalypse. It’s a terrible truth that The Walking Dead has been able to show us from the franchise’s beginning. The second episode of Season 2 is no different and brings human conflict back to the forefront of the game and the narrative. William “Bill” Carver, the main antagonist of the episode, is brought to life — disturbingly — by Michael Madsen and may offer a greater threat than hordes of the undead.

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[Multi] Iconic Ghostbusters Vehicle ECTO-1 Available for Free in Burnout Paradise

/ by Kyle Spencer

With the recent passing of one of the most beloved characters from the Ghostbusters, Criterion Games have revealed that the legendary cars DLC pack will be free. This legendary pack will include the iconic ECTO-1 from the Ghostbusters films to honor the passing of the great Harold Ramis.

Criterion tweeted, “Harold Ramis was a comedy genius. He inspired us. To honor this legend, Burnout Paradise Legendary Cars are free today for Xbox 360,”. The DLC will also be available for free to PlayStation 3 users as well.

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New Features to be included on the Final Fantasy X/X2 release

/ by Jamie Rae

The HD remastered version of Final Fantasty X and X2 are less than a month away from being released.  With this being said Square Enix is determined to let the fans know what changes and additions hese games have in store. There will be one disk containing both Final Fantasy X and X2 for the Playstation 3 and the Vita will have a single download as well.

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Tales of Symphonia now returns for the Playstation 3

/ by Jamie Rae

Tales of Symphonia Chronicals HD is a collaboration of the first Tales of Symphonia (released on Gamecube in 2008) as well as the more under the radar follow up game, Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World (released on Nintendo Wii 2008) Although the second game in the series went by more unnoticed as the first, you are still receiving two complete “Tales of” games on one disk. Who can complain about that? On February 25th, 2014 both will be available for you on Playstation 3.

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