Clan of Champions Review

by Jeffrey Davis

Publisher: NIS America, Inc.
Developer: ACQUIRE Corp.
Release Date: October 30, 2012
System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)

Let me start off by saying this: I was itching to give a new fantasy game a quick rundown, since there’s only so much that I already have in the way of fantasy games. MMORPGs,  downloadable titles, etc. all need to be evaluated for additions to my games library based on a multitude of factors thereof. So when I got a chance to give Clan of Champions a try, I immediately jumped at the opportunity just to see how interesting it is for the money that would otherwise be involved just to do so.

And yes, I did find the game to be interesting, but that’s only because I can handle this stuff (and because I obviously had to play the game). I probably can’t say the same for you, though: not only will you see many of the same enemy types on a frequent basis, but you’ll also be seeing the very same environments over and over and over again. In fact, aside from the various weapon and armor types in the game, there’s hardly any variety to be had in Clan of Champions. Dull, repetitive trash is what we’re talking about here. Worse still, there’s only a total of three play styles per character type: for example, humans can only select from dual-wield, close combat and sword/shield combos. That’s it.

And don’t get me started on the camera issues, either. Gamepad users will be having to scramble between fixing their viewpoints and fighting their attackers and back with such ferocity that the opposition could easily knock their gear out of their hands. And yes, they certainly will knock it loose, resulting in lost time that could be more efficiently used to batter the opposition than for getting your stuff (or anything equivalent thereof) back into your hands – and that’s despite everything reverting to what you had when you started once the battle is over.

Furthermore, there’s also very little in terms of variety in the game’s soundtrack. You’ll be hearing the same music, in the same sequence, every time you play. And saving your game can also be a pain – in fact, you can only save by exiting out of battle-related functionality and going to character options to find the necessary menu function. That’s right: even though a character options menu technically is available during battle prep, it only contains a subset of the customization and city hall option lists combined. And unfortunately, none of these options will allow you to save your character information, as opposed to the list of options that are offered under the same heading in the main menu. You’ll also have to manually select the next mission in the given sequence once you’ve completed each particular mission, which is something that would have been more acceptable during the respective eras of Doom and CounterStrike (but not so much in the current era of gaming parlance).

Additionally, there’s little monetary value to be had either – and that’s both in terms of real-world cash and in-game currency. Your character gains so much gold with each battle that the in-game shop is too easy to spend away on. Case in point: I was able to spend gold on all three additional undergarments after just a few battles, since 1: I was able to spend away on gear that I could claim after the battle without having to actually purchase it from the shop, and 2: the gear that I claimed had assigned ranks and values that shop gear doesn’t have, and works and functions better as a result. The net effect is that the in-game store is considerably undervalued because of this fact. You can also get by just fine with the standard attack methods without having to rely on Grimore abilities and other skills that are unlocked periodically (and of which some also have to be purchased), especially since I’m willing to bet – and I say this even with co-op and versus multiplayer options being available – that once you’ve played through some of the basic difficulty missions, you may not have any reason to go back in for more. Ever.

All things considered, Clan of Champions is a big, unadulterated mess of repetitive content, limited variety and other stuff that only serves to ruin what otherwise would have been an enjoyable fantasy brawler. Dump camera issues and a short-ended game soundtrack into the very same crackpot as the game itself, and the whole thing becomes yet another barely-playable waste bin full of abhorred, stinking, bloody dead bodies that should be avoided on the spot. There are plenty of fantasy games and brawlers and such that I would realistically want to spend my cash on, but this sure as hell ain’t one of ’em.


+ Gear can be claimed after battles
+ Unlockable abilities and customizations


– Repetitive enemies, locations and sounds
– Serious camera issues with gamepad use
– Barely playable with gamepad devices

Final Score: 1/10

Clan of Champions is a barely-playable mess with gamepad-based camera issues, repetitive content and other issues that prevent it from being a solid addition to your game library, let alone that of anyone else. There’s little value to be had with this game, and your cash, attention, etc. should be focused on better downloadable fantasy games. Case closed.

Written by JeffreyDavis