Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD Announcement Trailer Released

/ by Anthony Wright

Here’s something that should please a good number of fans. The Final Fantasy X HD remaster we were promised back at TGS 2011 has finally resurfaced with an official announcement trailer slating the game for release this year!

After a being MIA for a pretty long time, fans had actually began to speculate that the remaster would never see the light of day, however in the recent weeks images had been surfacing proving otherwise and that the game would also come packaged with it’s direct sequel, Final Fantasy X-2. Not to mention that both games would also be available on the PS Vita.

Now thanks to trailer we now have a release window for the first time since the announcement, meaning we should hopefully get a solid date in the near future, (In Square-Enix time) likely around the time of E3.

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  1. [...] Also available (for free, if you pre-order the collection now) is a limited edition which features “exclusive concept artbook packaging, featuring an elegant collection of concept art and commentary from the original Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 development teams”. A new trailer for the re-release can be seen here, and the old announcement trailer can be seen here. [...]