Gaming Enthusiast Podcast 1

Gaming Enthusiast Podcast 1: Assassin’s Creed IV, Sim City, PS4, and NextBox

It’s our first podcast on Gaming Enthusiast and we had a fun time making it. The four editors you’ll hear in the conversation are Simon, Anthony, Thom, and Menashe.

Some of the big topics we discussed in our first podcast were:

– Assassin’s Creed IV: Exciting new direction or too similar to Assassin’s Creed 3?
– Sim City: Is persistent online an inexcusable way of preventing pirating?
– PS4: Is what we’ve seen impressive or not?
– NextBox: What direction is Microsoft going on for their next-gen console?
– Open Sandbox Games: Is Grand Theft Auto still the king?

You can listen either on Soundcloud:


Or on Youtube:

Written by Menashe Kestenbaum

Menashe is the Owner of Enthusiast Gaming and its many sites. He currently runs the full Enthusiast Gaming network, develops games, and writes about the video game industry. To read more of his articles, visit Gaming Enthusiast and Nintendo Enthusiast regularly. You can contact him at