Just Cause Developer (Avalanche) Tease New Game

/ by Anthony Wright

Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios have said that they are currently working on a new open-world game with Square-Enix.

Eurogamer wrote that the developers are now preparing a “ground breaking” open-world title for Square-Enix. But that’s not it, Avalanche Studios are also beginning work on multiple current- and next gen projects that are set to release throughout 2013 and 2014.

Avalanche have not officially announced Just Cause 3 yet, although it has registered various domain names for Just Cause 4. All the news surrounding the franchise recently means there is a good choice of being revealed at E3 next week.


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That's weird, I thought Sleeping Dogs was their next title. It totally looked like it could be from the same studio, but I guess not. I'll be looking forward to both Sleeping Dogs and whatever the Just Cause developers come up with, I guess.