Latest Trailers – 10/2/2012

by Menashe

Halo 4: Valhalla (Ragnarok) Mantis Trailer

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Tokyo Game Show Trailer

Hitman: Absolution – Contracts Walkthrough & Gameplay

Abe’s Oddysee: New ‘n’ Tasty! (Abe HD) first footage – Eurogamer Expo 2012

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Interactive Gameplay Trailer

GRID 2 Gameplay first look – California Coast (Eurogamer Expo)

Mount&Blade II: Bannerlord | Announcement

Dishonored, The Tales from Dunwall – Episode 3: In the Mind of Madness

Assassin’s Creed III Boston Tea Party Trailer [North America]

“Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons” Teaser Trailer