The dust is beginning to settle at the E3 site in Los Angeles. The event isn’t completely over yet, but it will be soon. What has concluded is all the conferences/presentations from the various big companies where a number of major announcements and reveals were shown off this past weekend. As a result, the folks over at Brandwatch did some data-diving to uncover how well everyone performed during the big event.

According to Brandwatch’s data, Microsoft had the most popular E3 2017 press conference in terms of social media mentions. It took 44% of the total share between all of the seven companies that had a show. Nintendo was the very last of all of the companies to have a presentation, yet it was the second most-popular out of the crowd with a percentage of 15%. That’s higher than Sony’s conference, which had 11%. All of the third-party companies took the remaining spots with EA and Ubisoft tying for fourth-place (10%), and Bethesda coming in at fifth (8%). The PC Gaming Show was the least popular, coming in with a percentage of only 2%.

Which of the presentations were your personal favorite? Sound off below!

Written by RAHMING

Rahming, who refers to himself as “The Prince”, is a young writer for the Enthusiast Media Group. He’s been a gamer from since the age of 3, and his passion mainly lies with Nintendo. However, he’s been gaming on PC for years as well, and loves various racers and simulators.