E3 2017 has officially concluded. The big convention came to a close yesterday (June 16th) ¬†after a very full week of activities. There were a lot of big announcements made during the event from all the major gaming companies. Bombs were dropped and surprised knocked the wind out of many. Now, the excitement is beginning to subside and it’s only going to be a matter of days before everything returns back to normal in the gaming world. So, when will the madness begin again?

The E3 team has confirmed that the dates for next year’s convention: June 12-14th, 2018, once again being held at the Convention Center in Los Angeles, California.

What big announcements and surprises are you expecting to see at next year’s big event?


Written by RAHMING

Rahming, who refers to himself as “The Prince”, is a young writer for the Enthusiast Media Group. He’s been a gamer from since the age of 3, and his passion mainly lies with Nintendo. However, he’s been gaming on PC for years as well, and loves various racers and simulators.