If you’re a fan of tycoon games, then chances are you may have heard of A-Train. Known for it’s interesting anime style, this tycoon simulator puts you in charge of running a train company where you must provide transport for cities both historical and futuristic.

A-Train PC Classic chugged its way onto Steam a few months ago, but it was in Japanese. Now an English version has been released.

“As president of a train company, lead city growth to make your transport business prosper. The retro style, square grid map, and complete tutorials are easy on the newcomer, but veterans will find a challenge with advanced resource management, research, and the passage of time.”

Check out the latest trailer:

Head on over to Steam to get the full rundown. Additionally, you can pick up the game right now for the discounted price of $49.19.

Written by RAHMING

Rahming, who refers to himself as “The Prince”, is a young writer for the Enthusiast Media Group. He’s been a gamer from since the age of 3, and his passion mainly lies with Nintendo. However, he’s been gaming on PC for years as well, and loves various racers and simulators.