Popular racing sim iRacing has just added two sleek new super-powered cars to its already extensive roster: the Ferrari 488 GTE and 2017 Ford GT. You can go ahead and check out the Ford over here; this piece is for the mean-looking Ferrari.

The Ferrari 488 GTE is is a mid-engine-friendly, incredibly aerodynamic and powerful racecar that sports a V8 engine. It’s capable of producing 490 horsepower and a ton of torque, making it a pretty mean machine. It’s known for being one of the best GT race cars in the world.

Now it’s been brought over to iRacing. Check out the trailer:

Both the new Ferrari 488 GTE and iRacing is avaliable to play right now on PC.

Written by RAHMING

Rahming, who refers to himself as “The Prince”, is a young writer for the Enthusiast Media Group. He’s been a gamer from since the age of 3, and his passion mainly lies with Nintendo. However, he’s been gaming on PC for years as well, and loves various racers and simulators.