Octodad: Deadliest Catch made a surprise showing at E3 for the PS4 (at least for me it did). At first glance it may seem like a waste of processing power but its Indie titles like these that have paid off for Sony in the past. O:DC is primed to continue this tradition because once gamers take the eventual demo for a spin, they’re likely to be hooked.messy

What O:CD lacks in many areas, it makes up for in sheer outlandish and quirky ridiculousness. The whole premise of being an octopus and attempting to pass for human just opens the door to zany circumstances that will surely illicit laughter from both players and onlookers. Dualshock pros up to the challenge will one by one learn to accept the need for improvement as attempting to navigate the world as an octopus is no easy task. As far as I’ve been able to see, that’s the whole gameplay premise. See how masterfully you can carry out everyday tasks while trying to pass as a human-being.wedding

The demo I played featured Octodad prepping for his wedding and eventually meeting his bride at the altar. Arms and legs are controlled alternatively and as you’d expect from an octopus, it takes some getting used to. The humor throughout brought enjoyment to my short session and clearly the build I played left out several gameplay elements (such as penalties or rewards for the attention attracted or the lack thereof).

Octodad: Deadliest Catch is developed by Young Horses, it will be available in early 2014 (if not sooner) for PS4, Mac, Windows and Linux.

Written by JoshuaWilliams