Orgarhythm PS Vita review

Publisher: Xseed Games
Developer: Aquire
Release Date: October 23, 2012 (NA)
System: PS Vita

Orgarhythm Review

I’d usually avoid RTS titles on all platforms so it’s no surprise that I didn’t jump into Orgarhythm with much enthusiasm. After giving it a try though, I have a new found appreciation for the genre. Still, it’s not entirely fair to pigeonhole Orgarhythm as simply an RTS. What separates Orgarhythm from similar titles is the touch interface and of course the rhythm component. What the developers have accomplished is a more welcoming RTS but at the expense of that finite control that usually characterizes the RTS experience. Is Orgarhythm worthy of a pair of Dre Beats or should you leave this title on mute? Let’s find out!

It All Started When…

Surely a story must exist but if you have to scour the interweb to find it, it’s probably not that important.  Basically, you’re a god and you dance with your followers. The bad guys don’t like seeing you get your groove on so they attempt to lay the smackdown. What your enemies fail to realize though is that you have rhythm on your side. By issuing commands along to the beat you are awarded bonuses to make your frolicking foot soldiers more effective.

Orgarhythm PS Vita review

Everybody Was Kung-fu Tapping!

Each time you play a level, your god takes a preset path and each command is initiated by first tapping him. What follows is a series of on screen prompts that you tap to the beat depending on the most appropriate attack and corresponding opponent. Your soldiers will attack in the area you select and the number of soldiers is determined by the length of the line you drag when directing them. It takes some getting used to but each soldier unit has an enemy they are the strongest against and weakest against so it’s important to pay attention to what you’re doing. If all of your soldiers or your god dies, your game is over.

Orgarhythm PS Vita review

Be prepared for a lot of trial and error because the levels are designed to be replayed with skills and attacks you learn as you progress. Performing well and achieving tasks such as not losing any soldiers will reward you with various perks and improvements that will make the seemingly impossible stages possible to complete. Boss battles can be daunting as the music speeds up and there isn’t much to go on in terms of strategy but eventually you figure it out.


Not much stands out in the style of Orgarhythm but this is usually the case with RTS titles. What you’ll see is somewhat of a mix between cartoonish character design and realistic rural environments.  As the title and genre suggests, you’re not going to be drawn to Orgarhythm for the visuals, you’re in it for the gameplay. The simplicity in the approach is hindered at times when the color of the enemy isn’t immediately identifiable but observing their life gauges helps.

Orgarhythm PS Vita review


If anything shouldn’t have been an afterthought its audio. The good thing is they were able to get it right. With headphones you can truly appreciate the sound quality, this is a key aspect of Orgarhythm and it would have been a total disservice to skimp in the audio department. What you’ll find in terms of the soundtrack is a mix of tribal, atmospheric and techno tunes that evolve based on performance and level progression.

Closing Comments

Orgarhythm is a solid entry in the Vita library with room to improve. With a fresh and unique approach to the RTS genre, Orgarhythm can proudly be called a Rhythm RTS game. It may not immediately pull you in but given a little patience it may just grow on you. The lack of story elements as well as the need for in-game refinement prevents Orgarhythm from becoming a must-have title but still, if you got this far in the review you might wanna give it a try. Let us know your impressions!


+ Well done audio

+ Unique touchscreen control

+ Replay Incentive


– Gameplay needs refinement

– No real story elements

– Short

Final Score: 7.5/10



Written by JoshuaWilliams