We’ve all played Tetris. I wanted to try the game on my Android. It was fun for about two minutes. I’ve uninstalled it already. The main problem with the game, which is no fault of the game designers, is the control system. Smart phones are nice for games that only require a few taps or swipes, but awful when it comes to speed and precision, both of which are necessary as you progress through the levels of Tetris. On the mobile version, you must tap the screen to rotate the pieces and swipe to move the pieces. That works well for the slower levels, but is impossible for the faster ones.

Besides the controls, the game is just what you’d expect. It has the music and it has the typical game pieces. One thing it doesn’t have is a variety of game modes. Marathon is the only game mode available at this time. Even with additional game modes though, the control system is too difficult to be overlooked.


Rating: 3/10


Written by Jeff McGaha

I’m a father, husband and electrical engineer.