Since E3, Bethesda has steadily been releasing details about Skyrim’s much-anticipated new Dawnguard DLC.

Here is a rundown of the known information about Dawnguard:

  • Dawnguard’s plot lets you choose to side with either the Dawnguard vampire hunters, or the vampire lords, who live in the realm of Oblivion.
  • Speaking of Oblivion, players can travel there at will if they choose to become a vampire lord
  • Dawnguard is aimed at players who are level ten or higher, although some areas will be harder than those from Skyrim’s core quest line.
  • Vampire lords have their own skill tree, including tons of new abilities.
  • Vampiric Grip is a new vampire skill, that lets players grab enemies and throw them around effortlessly.
  • Dawnguard has a new Dragon Shout called Soul Tear, that lets players shout at enemies, rip out their soul, then have it reanimate as an ally who fights alongside you.
  • Dawnguard has been confirmed to cost 1600 MS points.
  • Vampire lords can also command swarms of bats and gargoyle companions.
  • Vampire Lords can float on water, but cannot fly. However, they move much faster than your human form.
  • The vampire quest line sees you working for the vampire overlord Harkon, in his quest to block out the sun so the vampires can walk Skyrim at all times.
  • Fort Dawnguard is the home base of the Dawnguard, and it is a hidden castle situated in the far south of Skyrim.
  • Existing vampires in Skyrim have been redesigned to make them look more demonic.
  • There is a new flaming mount called Arvak, who is a horse that dwells in the Cairn of Souls – a new location that you can explore in the realm of Oblivion.
  • Arvak can be summoned from Oblivion at any time
  • The Dawnguard DLC will scale in difficulty for anyone who is already high level when they install it.
  • Although it is only accessible from level ten onward, the Dawnguard DLC makes it possible to complete the core Skyrim quest line as a Vampire Lord if you choose.
  • As a Vampire Lord, you have a new spell called “Drain Life” which sucks HP from targeted enemies.
  • There is a mission called “Power of the Grave” that takes place in Oblivion.
  • There is a werewolf skill tree called “Lycanthrophy”, which was first seen in Bethesda’s Game Jam event trailer.
  • Dawnguard throws new Dragon battles at you
  • Players can make a new set of Dragonbone weapons and armour

The Dawnguard DLC is scheduled to be released on June 26, 2012 for Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and PC.



Written by Kyra Gallion