007 Legends May Have Kinect Support

/ by Kyra Gallion



A leak by Activision on an Amazon listing may have just revealed some interesting information about its new James Bond game, 007 Legends. The Amazon listing has since been removed but stated that 007 Legends would have Kinect support and a release date of October 16. There’s no telling if this is real or not, but it’s definitely worth noting.



Activision Announce 007 Legends

/ by Anthony Wright

The game will take players back in time, through the most iconic moments of Bonds history. Unlike other Bond video games, 007 Legends will feature a new, overarching storyline, which will involve seven Bond movies, Including with this years new entry, Skyfall007 Legends will, as always, equip players with all of Bonds signature equipment, from gadgets to weapons, and provide Bond with the chance to work his charms on the ladies.

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