Trials franchise is coming to iOS this April

Trials Frontier by RedLynx (for smartphones and tablets) E3 screenshot (2)
/ by Thom Edwards

It has been announced by Ubisoft that the Trials franchise will, for the first time ever, be coming to mobile devices on April 10th. The game will be called Trials Frontier and will be a free to play title from RedLynx. The game will be on iOS on April 10th and on Androids shortly after.

Trials Frontier will be set in a futuristic wild west like environment that is set after the fall of the Trials Fusion universe where “civilization has sputtered out and humanity has fallen back into a pattern of small, isolated villages which players will unlock as they progress through the game.”
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‘Moebius’ Point and Click adventure game by Jane Jensen dated

/ by Jonas Washington

The latest point-and-click adventure game called Moebiu from Jane Jensen gets a release date and publisher. It will be released April 15th and will come be coming to PC and Mac also a Linux, iOS, Android versions will follow later this year. Phoenix Online Publishing is backing  the project they are known for point and click games such as Cognition An Erica Reed Thriller. - Continue reading

Square Enix Making New Mobile RTS, Dragon Sky

Dragon Sky screenshot
/ by Ryan Parreno

Square Enix has revealed they are working with Japanese developer Poppin Games on a new Clash of Clans style RTS, called Dragon Sky.

Like Clash of Clans, you build a base up and attack other player’s bases. However, you can also cooperate with other players to fight raid bosses. There will also be a Square Enix style single player mode. Units are card based.

The game will be available on iOS and Android devices.

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Amazon Also Launching Android Console, Below $ 300

/ by Ryan Parreno

VG 24/7 reports that Amazon is planning to launch an Android-based console of their own, below $ 300. Of course, talk will always be about how they want to compete with Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, but given its Android, they are closer in line to Ouya, Nvidia Shield, and the MadCATZ M.O.J.O., with Vita TV the closest to a competition from the big three.

Still, Amazon is one of the biggest tech companies in the world today, and they intend to support the console with music and video aside from games, so PS4, Xbox One, and Wii U may feel the heat of competition yet.

The console is being made by Lab 126, who also designed the Kindle.

Image is of the Kindle Fire HD.

My Top Ten Android Games

FEATURED - Triple Town
/ by Jeff McGaha

There are tons of great games for Android. The following is my top ten favorites. All of these games are still on my phone and most get regular playing time.

10. Dream Zoo

Dream Zoo is fun if you enjoy games where the main goal is leveling up. I do, so I’m slightly addicted to this game. The game is pretty simple to learn. The animals come in four different levels — common, rare, very rare and champion. Two common animals can breed (via stork) to create a rare animal. Two rare animals can breed to create a very rare animal and so on. It is pretty straight forward. The more you do, the more experience points you accumulate and the more animals are available for your zoo.

The only problem I have with the game is the money system. There are three forms of currency in the game — hearts, coins and cash. Hearts are earned by visiting other zoos, getting accomplishments and going on safaris. Coins are earned by washing/feeding animals and getting accomplishments and are also generated by the animals in your zoo. Hearts and coins are earned fairly easily. Cash on the other hand cannot be earned easily. I’ve been playing the game for three weeks and I’ve earned a total of 43 cash. The items in the game for purchase range from 20 to 100 cash each. That severely limits the possibilities for the zoo. Why does Zynga do this? To make money of course. You can purchase cash in the game marketplace with real money. The cost ranges from $0.99 for ten cash to $99.99 for 1600 cash. Dream Zoo itself is free and this cash system is Zynga’s way of trying to make money from it. It’s an awful way to make a game. I’d rather pay a flat fee upfront and have a way to earn the cash in-game, but alas that is not a possibility. This cash system is the only reason that Dream Zoo is not in my top three.

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