Hotline Miami Confirmed For PlayStation 4

/ by Jonas Washington

Last week’s Game Developers Conference Dennaton Games Nigel Lowrie announced it will be bringing Hotline Miami to PS4. In speaking with Destructoid, Lowrie says that the title will be available with cross-buy, meaning that if you already own it on PS3 and Vita, you’ll automatically get it for PlayStation 4. “We’re just going to keep it cross-buy, because we feel that if the users bought it on a PlayStation platform, they have a right to own it on PlayStation 4,” Lowrie says. - Continue reading

YoYo Games announces Game Maker Studio For (PS4, PS3, Vita)

/ by Jonas Washington

YoYo Games and Sony announces Game Maker Studio: Export to Consoles function (PS4, PS3, Vita), it will allow you to export your GMStudio game to PS3, PS4, and PS Vita. You will need dev kits and be a registered dev with Sony to publish games, and this export functionality will be release for free for Studio owners (usually export licenses range from $100-300). - Continue reading

Horror indie game Home coming to PS4 and Vita

/ by Thom Edwards

Developer of the indie horror game Home, Benjamin Rivers, has announced that his game is going to be released on the PlayStation 4 and PS Vita later this year.

In a post on the PlayStation blog, Rivers wrote: “It’s a game that’s meant to be played alone, in the darkest room (or alley, or barn, or deep, dank forest) you can find, On PS4, this means you can turn off the lights, crank that sound system and let the dread wash over you. If you’re extra brave, you can play the game on your Vita — somewhere scary, where no one will find you, and with a fat pair of headphones, of course.”
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Former Disney devs start indie studio Shark Punch

/ by Jonas Washington

Former Disney developers from Helsinki and San Francisco have founded Shark Punch, a self-funded indie studio dedicated to making games that “combine the deep gameplay of classic ’90s games” with contemporary user-friendly design says the founders. The studio was founded by Aarne Hunziker, Jiri Kupiainen and Leo Lannenmaki, who all worked together at Disney Interactive and Rocket Pack. - Continue reading

FMOD Studio audio tools now free for indie devs

/ by Jonas Washington

Firelight Technologies is making its audio tool suite FMOD Studio free for indie devs “absolutely free for budgets under 100k.”, regardless of whether you’re using it for commercial purposes or not. In the past the tool set was  free to download and use for non-commercial projects,now you can now utilize it for your commercial projects. The tool set has been used in multiple AAA games in the past, including Forza Motorsport 5. “We started out as an indie company so we’ve always felt an affinity with the indie community… We wanted to give back to that community.” Said CEO Brett Paterson.  Source Gamasutra