Borderland Pre-Sequel Is Coming

/ by Kyle Spencer

There have been many rumors going around about the possibility of another Borderland game, and when Gearbox Studio Head Randy Pitchford was asked, his response was pretty straight forward. “We are currently not working on Borderlands 3″. That is true, however what he didn’t mention, or comment on that another studio (2K Austrailia) was working on another Borderlands title. The Pre-Sequel will be sending four new vault hunters into space to battle low gravity, zero atmosphere, and raving, psychotic astronauts.

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New “Gears” To Be Innovative!

/ by Kyle Spencer

When Microsoft bought the Gears of War franchise from Epic Games earlier this year, we knew that they could be possibly looking to gear up the franchise for its “Next Gen” debut.

Black Tusk, the new developer of the Gears of War franchise, head up by past Gears vet Rod Ferguson, is looking to make it’s debut “very soon”. How soon? My guess would be at the E3 event set to take place from June 10-12th in LA.

Some concept art for the new game has already been hiting Microsoft’s front desk and Ken Lobb of Microsoft Game Stuidos said in an interview, “I actually have tons of respect for [Chuck Osieja, creative director] and all the guys up at Black Tusk,” Lobb told Edge. “I think the reality is what we have is innovative Gears Of War. That’s what I believe they’re going to make.”

No other news about the upcoming Gears is known at this time, such as if his is going to be a continuation of the prequels, or if we will see a reboot of the franchise. Stay tuned to E3 for news on the upcoming franchise.

Xbox Live ‘Games With Gold’ is missing a trick

/ by Thom Edwards

Ever since Sony started the PlayStation Plus feature, Microsoft have been trying desperately to rival it. The idea is that you pay a certain amount via a subscription and you get some free games every month. On the PS3 Sony have been giving away numerous, recent and popular games that make the subscription feel well worth the cash but on the Xbox you only get two games and they’re often pretty old as well.

Microsoft have been trying to get ahead though and this months free game was the more recent Hitman: Absolution which is great. However I do feel they could still improve the service in some ways. In this article published by Dealswn and written by Jonathan Lester, you can read his cool idea that could help Microsoft get ahead and would breathe life into forgotten multilayer games. You can check it out HERE.

Peter Molyneux criticizes Kinect

/ by Thom Edwards

Fable creator and former Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux has criticized Microsoft’s Kinect and feels sure that you will soon be able to purchase a cheaper Xbox One without the Kinect.

Molyneux spoke to Edge saying: “I actually wish Kinect wasn’t a requirement, It feels like an unnecessary add-on to me. Maybe it’s because we’re in England, and it doesn’t really use the TV stuff, but it feels more and more like a joke. My son and I sit there saying random things at it, and it doesn’t work.”
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Microsoft Offering Free Xbox Live Gold To Those Affected By March 11 Outage

/ by Jonas Washington

Microsoft will soon be gifting a week of free Xbox Live Gold to subscribers affected by the service issues that took place on March 11. Microsoft is notifying users who qualify for the bonus time via the Xbox Live Messaging system.  Message says “We know you experienced an issue signing in on your Xbox One on 3/11/14. We apologize and will soon give you 7 days of Xbox Live Gold for your inconvenience.” - Continue reading