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Crime novels or films continue to be really popular. No reason they shouldn’t. Who doesn’t like a bit of a suspense, a charismatic protagonist to cheer for and a psychotic villain that needs to be stopped? Among the adventure game genre we can find quite a lot of whodunnits but obviously not all of them are worth playing. I hope this list of Top Ten Most Intriguing Detective Adventure Games will help you to make a wise choice. Prepare your magnifying glass, get your handcuffs and dive right into the world of crime and punishment.

10. Hitchcock: The Final Cut


9. Black Dahlia

black dahlia

7. Daemonica


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6. Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure

jack orlando

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5. Tex Murphy: Under a Killing Moon


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4. Blade Runner


3. Heavy Rain

heavy rain

2. L.A. Noire


1. Still Life

still life

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0. Sherlock Holmes: Nemesis


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Written by Toddziak