Video Review: Borderlands 2

/ by Menashe

Borderlands 2 Review

by Rich Masucci

The short story: If you’re looking for a chilled-out FPS experience like Call of Duty, like how the commercials seem on TV, you’re making a mistake. This is actually a deep, class-based RPG that just happens to put you behind the gun. If you’re looking for a deep RPG then go out and buy it.

The long story:

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I had zero interest in the game until this review because I honestly thought it was just another FPS, only with cel-shading and a sense of humor. The whole 'deep class-based RPG' thing makes me much more interested.

Alex Balderas
Alex Balderas

Man I'm glad Rich reviewed it. Our other reviewer had his save files messed up by Steam and lost like 30+ hours of gameplay, which was worrisome to say the least. I was trying to figure out how to put out the review more quickly, so I'm glad Rich here has supplied his review, great stuff.